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Tomorrow we organize already the sixth meeting of the Health Innovation Lab. This time the practitioner is the topic of our attention: we, ourselves. During the morning Walter Link from San Francisco will guide us to listen generatively to ourselves and the other. In the afternoon there will be six workshops to follow:

–Chinese Medicine, Yan Schroen
–Heart Coherence, Judith van Kampen
–Inquiry with Walter Link
–Patient empowerment/Re-balancing, Frans Rahusen
–QiGong/Energy Therapy, Max Tack
–QuantumResponse ScanCoaching, Marko van der Beek & Daniel Zavrel

After the workshops we dive into three prototypes of health innovation that can use some of our support. We conclude the day with an Indonesian dinner. I am looking forward to this diverse day with great innovative participants.

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  • Hein says:

    It was a great meeting yesterday. Walter inquired with us and had us looking into each hoers eyes.

    The mini workshops were a success. I was introduced to Heartmath in combination with Dreu Yoga. It was wonderful to sense the different heart rhythms. I could make a link with my sailing last weekend where I noticed to sail the three different races with another internal rhythm, or in Theory U lingo: ‘another inner place from where I operate.’ Only the last one with more focus and a higher level of energy. But I think that the quote ‘the inner place from where we operate’ doesn’t reflect precisely what’s happening. It’s not so much a place but a ‘rhythm of attention, of presence.’ It can be low, high, something in between but it comes from the same place: your belly.

    With Frans Rahusen I came into touch with bodywork. You feel yourself, the other and the state of presence. Even the fear and strength in the hands of the other person are directly accessible.

    We invited medical students who we support with the organization of a summer school in August. We brainstormed about the funding and the program.

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