And it’s not April Fool’s Day! Maybe it is, but still we’re going to train at Loosdrecht. Must be a first in 10 years for me. 8 degrees Celsius, 10 knots of wind: reliving the old days. Boat is already out of the shed and the new boom that I bought last year in Italy is put together.

15-20 years back we always started the season sailing in March at the Braassemermeer. We ‘trained’ capsizing (in wintertime the air is more dense and therefore more powerful, and we were maybe less trained) and then we were so cold that the rest of the season we were not keen to do that again. My feet were freezing and I thought that the club had invested in floor heating. The tiles felt so warm. Nowadays the drysuits are better and I got a bit more money to invest in it.

Upcoming year the intention is to sail a bit more than the last few years. That won’t be difficult to realize. Looking forward to it.

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  • Hein says:

    And we’ve had fun. New boom fits well, no capsizing (doesn’t happen in a star, you just lose your mast) and I felt a little rusty. The boat had been 10 months out of my sight so that can hardly be a surprise. Next week the first races with Eastern. My old class the Flying Dutchman will be there too.

  • Hein says:

    #!%$@#! crew is sick…

  • Hein says:

    Went today with a good friend from our village to sail at least one day. Was nice. First races no results but the last we were most of the race second and gave it away the last beat to become third. It was strange to notice my level of energy. Only at the end of the day, after two mediocre results I found myself in competition mode. Different energy, more aggression and focus on the here and now. I know that from myself but can’t change it on command. ‘Decided’ beforehand to start sharply, did so, but it just doesn’t happen…

  • Hein says:

    and in 2013 we started even earlier: Today it’s February 17 and beautiful weather. So we trained for a couple of hours at the Braassem

  • Hein says:

    And now it becomes even more special: last weekend I trained for the third time in a week with my son! We decided to race upcoming weekend the district championships against 31 Stars in Loosdrecht. But we never sailed before together and he has hardly sailed at all. But the first 3 times were promising and I enjoyed it tremendously. It’s great to sail again and he, as a 16 year old, fond of the physical side of sailing, brings new energy in the boat that I didn’t experience before.

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