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Last time I saw Khaldoun acting, was as Mohammed B in a huge freezer room in the harbor of Schevingen. Now he got blue blood in the play about the downfall of ABN AMRO. Together we gave many skill training programs for that bank in the past.

The play is great with a stunning decor. They climb in it, it turns and they hang in it. Who comes up with these creative ideas? My only problem is, is that I empathize so much with the characters they are playing… When I read the book by Jeroen Smit, I was stunned by the lack of communication between the Supervisory and Management Board. In the play you see a CEO who is extremely clever and knows how to play people in a very convincing way. You feel that Khaldoun (as chairman of the Supervisory Board) becomes older and older during the play. He starts kind of fresh and in the end he doesn’t know anymore what is happening to him. But this is played very subtle. Nice.

As audience you feel the inevitability why the main characters act as they do in the bubble in which they are living. It’s less one dimensional than the book but it feels almost as they could not have done it differently. And that is not true according to me. I asked them many years ago why they were so proud to make so much money with the money that I entrusted them. I didn’t get a clear answer as nobody did. That is very well played by ‘Rijkman.’ Only his arrogance and lack of empathy is missing. But the role is played convincingly.

It’s confronting how little coaches and consultants influence the process. That will keep me thinking for another while.

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