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This was my solo spot, not in Coyote, Cougar, Sheep or Indian Canyon, but on top of the mountain near Cougar. You need to look carefully but then you will notice my grey tarp where I spent four days of fasting. I was an amazing experience in the Anza Borrego Desert. After I climbed the rock I felt already exhausted and couldn’t imagine to be able to stay there for another few days without eating. There was only one spot of 2 by 3 meters that was flat without rocks so that I could put up my fake tent. The place is pretty exposed with beautiful views over the canyons, mountain tops, rising and setting moon, stars and sun. Our base camp was at the foot of the mountain.

After two days I had to climb down to get fresh water from the river. That took me a while. Everything slows down considerably when you’re not eating. You are weak and in another state of mind. I was very proud of myself that I could go down without any physical problems. It made my shout ‘I AM BACK.’ The echo in Cougar Canyon was wonderful: backbackback. It’s strange that only the first day you feel hungry. Then everything slows down, structures fall away. There is no breakfast, lunch or dinner and it doesn’t matter if you sleep night or day. Only you care.

You start to focus more and more on what you’re doing. You contemplate every step you take and every move you make. The third day there was a huge desert storm during the evening and night. I couldn’t stand up because of the wind.Luckily I had found a cave in between huge boulders (close to where the picture is taken). I took out the poles of my tarp, put rocks on top it and went with mattress and sleeping bag to my cave. Halfway the night it started to rain and to snow. Gosh was I happy to have found that place. Although I punctuated my self inflating mattress there and had to sleep the rest of the days on the soil.

The experience was intense and needs some time. Get back to it later. For now: I am Back.

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