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This will be our 6th meeting in the project that we started with UNOO one and a half years ago. We have developed a vision on the future of Health, visited and initiated prototypes and worked on our personal leadership development. Upcoming meeting we have contracted Walter Link. He is one of the best coaches in the world and works with business and political leaders in Brazil, the United States, Europe and Sri Lanka. Isabel Allende just released a video in which she tells how the coaching from Walter has helped her to deepen the characters in her books.

Some background information for Walter:

1. As part of his work to advance societal innovation and transformation across many sectors, Walter was deeply involved in supporting the emergence of integrative medicine around the world.

2. For example he worked with leading teaching universities and hospitals, such as Einstein in New York to integrate complimentary medical teachings across their mainstream curriculum.

3. He worked with the largest medical school in Panama not only to advance integrative medicine but also to support the valuing of indigenous culture which is widely considered second class in Latin America, where he therefore also co-created the first ever integrative medicine conference for all the ministers of health of the region, which led to concrete policy initiatives.

4. At the outset of the HIV/AIDS crisis, when treatment options were few and death and social rejection frequent Walter was one of the first to offer deep psycho-spiritual support practice work via the Deutsche Aids Hilfe to patients and their doctors and nurses helping them to face tremendous suffering and death while also opening into the inner healing that is possible within such crises.

5. In that and many other contexts Walter has supported health professionals to integrate their professional skill with their humanity, which allows them not only to become more successful healers but also happier human beings who don’t burn out and instead inspire people that another way of life and medicine is possible.

The second day we will work with Jaap Maljers one of the true entrepreneurs in Health care. He will share with us his struggles and successes. During the afternoon we will help each other with the prototypes that we are working on. We developed a program for children, called Happy Temple, a summer school for students, a book and many more. We have reached now 90 health professionals the past year from 40 organizations. There is still room for a few people the upcoming meeting. The costs are only €250 a day since we don’t run this project commercially but out of deeper intention.

More information can be found at :

We work with an international faculty. Otto Scharmer facilitated already 2 of the meetings and last year Arthur Zajonc supported us with ‘co-presencing.’ The upcoming week I am asked to give a Pecha Kucha presentation about our Health Lab at the international ALIA conference in Driebergen. Jim Marsden will be there too and it will be great to team up again after our solo experience in the desert.

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