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While everybody was skating in The Netherlands, we had the dunes of Katwijk for ourselves. We went -with the 5 of us-  running as we do every Sunday morning. It was beautiful with fresh snow and absolute silence.

Didn’t find much time to write in this blog lately. Too busy with writing about my experiences of the past 10 years. I’ve got nearly 80 pages by now and still a week to go. Next week I would like to have a small booklet with about hundred pages. The week after I’ll contemplate about it in the Desert of Southern California. Jan Kortie stimulated me today to summarize the whole thing in one sentence. Just like he did with his book: ‘Your soul wants to sing’ (Jouw ziel wil zingen). I am not there yet, but 2 weeks in the desert might give me some insight.

Crossing the tipping point II is progressing well. We had a first design meeting this week and contracted the first speakers. We have made a short list of potential places where we would like to organize it and are preparing the flyer. Any suggestions for a logo?

Tomorrow we’ll have another meeting of the Health Innovation Lab. Looking forward to that! 35 professionals who want to Dive Deeply into the current healthcare system and look for true innovation. Vivium Zorggroep will host us. See for more information our dedicated website: It’s designed by Lars Rengersen who was at De Wereld Draait Door this week with his initiative

Today I had lunch with Wibo Koole. He has opened a new center for mindfulness in the center of Amsterdam. Right behind the Royal Palace at the Dam. A beautiful location and close to the best apple pie of the city in Cafe Zeezicht. He is organizing a Theory U training in April and there are still a few places left. You can apply through his website:

Next to all this I am busy supporting the long term strategy of a development bank. It’s great to work with such committed professionals who are passionate to eradicate poverty in the world. They are succeeding. There are less and less poor people but still 900 million people try to live with less than¬†$1.25 a day. What you see happening is that the divide between the poor and the rich is growing in development countries. There are more and more ‘poverty pockets.’ The long term strategy will be based on reducing poverty, increasing economic growth and sustainability in these countries.




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