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I felt deeply inspired by Joe’s first book Synchronicity. With it started my Theory U journey. Now he wrote his next book: Source: The inner path of knowledge creation. It is about presencing and what is happening deep down in the U. It’s well written again and emphasizes the need of the facilitator and leader to develop himself, page 89:

‘The hard work of building capacity in the faclitators and the senior leaders of organizations has rarely been done. Just as in Bohmian dialogue, the facilitator who has done the interior work will “set the field” for the paticipants and help them learn the way into that deeper territory through disciplined personal practice. It’s only then that paticipants will begin to act as a “single intelligence” and release the “phenomenal capacities” enfolded in the group.’

That is exactly the topic I want to address in my own book. But you still have to wait some time I’m afraid…

Synopsis by the publisher:

Institutions of all sorts are facing profound change today, rising complexity at a speed and intensity we’ve never experienced before. So the nature of leadership must change as well. The old analytical approaches are not sufficiently flexible and creative. To be able to cope with this kind of change leaders need to be able to access the Source from which truly profound innovation flows.

Many people have experienced a connection with this Source, often when called upon to respond in times of crisis—moments of extreme spontaneity and intuitive insight. Actions simply flow through them, seemingly without any sort of conscious intervention—they don’t think about what to do, they just know. But these experiences are haphazard—ordinarily we don’t know how to access the Source, and we even have a blind spot as to its very existence. Continuing the journey he began in Synchronicity, Jaworski tells the story of the development of the U Process, which enables people to overcome the blind spot and access the Source consistently, and his deep exploration of the “bottom of the U”, the part of the process where creative breakthroughs occur and where, as Jaworski puts it, there is a deep connection to Source. Jaworski’s key discoveries form a four-part statement of principles on which the structure of the book is based.

Knowledge gained through access to the Source is, in the words of one cognitive scientist Jaworski met, “shockingly effective.” It has a transformative impact on every aspect of leadership. You gain the capacity to bring forth new realities, which is what the best leadership does. When connected to this source leaders gain radically new ways of operating. Using the combination of narrative and reflection that made Synchronicity so compelling, Jaworski has written a book that illuminates not only the fundamental nature of visionary leadership but also of relationships, consciousness, and ultimately reality itself.

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  • andrew says:

    Hi, today i googled ‘Joseph Jaworski Source’ and # one ‘hit’ is your webpage, even above the amazon page or Joseph Jaworski. Whow! Is there a method here? Are you touching ‘source’? Or was it just lucky?

    So, what can you share with me about Presencing and your understanding of this work after such a long appreciation of Joseph Jaworski (his first book you mention was published many years ago, right?) It seems you are writing a book too on this subject.

    I invite you to share with me, in the spirit of this work, as i understand it, the main points of your understanding, as it will appear in your book. Then maybe i will wait to read your book instead.

    Thank you very much for your time.


  • Hein says:

    I must be connected to source as you suggest because I have no idea why my blog is the # 1 hit. I’m writing currently in Dutch but will let you know when a translation is ready. THX Hein

  • andrew james campbell says:

    Hi Hein, well i understand you being shy about your forthcoming bestseller on source, but i still do not understand why you cannot choose to respond to sharing about presencing and presence, the latter being the name of another book Mr Jaworski was involved with.
    I keep seeing you in the photos at all the workshops, you must be very rich 😉 in an age when many are so poor??

  • Hein says:

    Hi, I hope to finish next week the story of my vision quest. I am trying to upload it on iTunes but that is a bit of a hassle. It’s a story of my personal experiences in the desert. Presence and the lack of it are part of the narrative.

    And indeed I give a lot of workshops. Most of them don’t make me very rich though…

  • Hein says:

    October 10 and 11 we will organize a workshop with Joseph in The Netherlands. More info will follow soon.

    • andrew james campbell says:

      I will look forward to speaking with Joseph about you and your friends’ work and workshops in the Netherlands.
      “Richness” takes many forms, Hein. Perhaps your thinking and response was settled on one particular form and mine on another.

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