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We met today with Peter Bakker the former CEO of TNT. Since a few weeks he is the CEO of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development .

His message in brief: We’ve entered the turbulent teens: from now till 2020 we will be facing many crises. Transformation of society is needed. Governments are too short term focussed to lead the change. We all need to change our behavior. Conscious (sustainable) consumption is the change we’re facing. That takes time that we hardly have.

A 2 agree raise in temperature of the earth is expected in 5 years from now. Some say it will be even 3,5 degrees. Action is needed. He will involve businesses to realize the goals they have formulated in their ‘master plan.’ (see website, vision 2050). The shortage of water will be the nexus around which conflicts will rise the upcoming years.

Facebook and the revolution in the Middle East show us that deep change is possible in a short time. We lack a global government and a body that is capable of starting the billions of euros projects that are needed. The Occupy movement is now still small and unorganized but that will change when some influential people will put their money behind it. And that will happen.

Everybody needs to focus on the projects that have the biggest leverage and impact. Stop doing your hobby projects and act!

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  • Wendy says:

    A picture can tell more than a thousand words. Peter Bakker from a coffee cup’s perspective. That is pure PETER BAKKER.

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