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We just had a great great call with the masterclass Theory U guys and girls. After our wonderful meeting ‘Crossing the Tipping Point‘ last November with Otto Scharmer, we’re into something new: bigger, more experiential and more spectacular than what we did 11/11/11. Reserve you seats right away, or at least put a cross through the day in your agenda:¬†Amsterdam, June 28, 2012: Crossing the Tipping Point, Part 2!

Details will follow shortly. It will be about Theory U, life after the crisis, art, creating your own space and meeting each other in completely new ways.

The picture is from a project in Sri Lanka where we support the Deshodaya movement. This was the starting workshop with 2000 Tamils and Singalese people from all religions to create together a new society where all ethnic groups live in harmony together.

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