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Today we visited the Holy Man in Amlapura, Bali. We were told that he could look into our future, was well known and very respected. For sure, he gave a boost to my self esteem. He told me that he saw that I meditated and that the aura above my head was purple and smooth, just like the yogi’s. In Bali I would have been a priest.

The Holy Man has his practice just behind the main street. The waiting room is directly connected to the place where we are sitting so everybody can happily listen in. Ringtones of mobile phones don’t disturb anybody neither the trucks on the road nearby.

He increased his credibility by telling me that I should  do something about the water under my house: “I feel that there is water in you that you carry from your home and that has bad energy.” It was not good for my health. Actually, my health problems came because of that water. If I didn’t solve that, even the doctors couldn’t make me better. My wife is telling me already for over a year that I should do something about the water. In our village the ground water level is high and that causes problems. Did she set me up? She assures me that she didn’t call him beforehand. The spirit of the water under the house needed meditation. Now it had a bad infuence but we could  change that through meditation and apologizing to the Gods (Vishnu in particular) about the tearing down of the wall between the kitchen and the living room.

It was a pretty remarkable experience. My wife told me I looked happier and happier. The purple aura would protect me wherever I am. Regarding my focus for the upcoming year: “stay in the development field, keep meditating to further increase your intuition. Your intuition will guide you.”

It’s such a pity that we have rationalized the magic out of Western society. Even the kids don’t believe a word (about me being a priest I can imagine, that is a place where I wouldn’t go myself if I were them) what Holy Men see, hear or say. Our rationality prevents us from connecting to the world in new ways. More magic would help us to open up to reality.

“As long as you have a promise in your heart, things will change. Use you high level aura day by day”

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