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I’ve been journaling the past 8 years. I started journaling in a structured way after I followed the Theory U, presencing foundation course in 2004. I never read it back. Wim stimulated me to do so: to see what red threats are there. Here are already a few:

– insight comes when I am travelling outside the Netherlands. And that happened quite often the past years

– to integrate these in your life, a coach is extremely valuable

– change takes much longer than I expected. Even in hindsight.

– in kids of 4 years old you see already how they will develop. Traits you would like to see differently won’t change…

– the insight can come without yourself realizing what it means for a long time. Let alone that you change your life style

– meditation and inquiry are very helpful but still a struggle

– change is possible. When you deeply want something, it happens

– trusting the process is something I feel more and more comfortable with

– ‘the heart is the mirror of what you do’ is something I experienced intensely

These boys were a year before the picture was taken child soldiers in Sri Lanka. Now they served us our food and ate what was left. Sarvodaya (the organization we worked with) supported them to reintegrate in society.

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