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This states Nanno Kleiterp, CEO of ‘FMO, the entrepreneurial development bank’ in an interview in the newspaper Trouw. 6 of the 10 fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa. Nigeria can become the new Brazil.

Nanno states that the Western world still doesn’t see how the world is changing rapidly. Even Bangladesh and Mongolia have got a better credit rating than Greece. We still tend to think that Africa is the lost continent. We hear the terrible stories about famine and war but there is much more happening. Brazil, China and India noticed this and are investing in Africa. The West doesn’t dare to and is contemplating about the risks.
The upcoming months I’ll dive into this. We’re going to make scenarios for the aid to the ‘developing countries’ (developing starts to get a different meaning here). After Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Brazil, I’m looking forward to dive into this continent.

The narrow mindedness in the Netherlands annoys me. It’s great to dive with ‘fresh eyes’ into the bigger picture again.

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