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Otto Scharmer was during our November seminar talking about the spiritual divide. Meaning: there are more people who commit suicide than that there are people who kill others. So many people are unhappy with the life they are living. Feeling alone, with a low self-esteem and not being seen.

I was struck by this. Yesterday we had our second follow up meeting of ‘Crossing the tipping point,’ the meeting we organized 11/11/11 in De Duif in Amsterdam. Willem van Spijker was our host at his office in Hilversum. We were with a new group of people and started with 3 rounds of ‘speed-dating’: sharing our tipping point in pairs. I felt it was amazing how easily people connected and shared there personal stories with ‘strangers.’ No loneliness in the room but real connection. The stories deepened with every new dialogue. How come that it is so easy to connect at a level we enjoy and why are we doing it so little? How come we usually don’t go beyond the level of downloading?
Our next step was to do Social Presencing Theatre about the system we are in at the moment. Including the occupied movement, the banks, kids, mother earth and more. Most of us ended up away from mother earth in another room. No connection to the earth and completely occupied with ourselves. In the other room everybody was sitting but no connection. Challenging. It was not so clear for me what to make out of it. It keeps me busy though. In the constellation kind of work you’re not supposed to talk about your experience for 3 months. So I’ll stop here.
The meeting was special. We will organize a next one in nature early 2012. We will dive into ‘the other way of knowing,’ because one of us said: ‘words destroy more than you would like’ or positively formulated: sometimes there are no words to express what you want to say, you need something else.

Here you can download an article that we read before the meeting. It’s by Otto and gives 13 propositions for the future of change management. Consultancies are not part of it…

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