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Last Friday I visited the new UK Office of Triodos Bank in Bristol. They hope to move in around Christmas. Bristol is famous for the graffiti artists and Triodos has given them the opportunity to paint the temporary walls around the entrance.

‘Passion before Profit’ and ‘More Green, Less Greed’ summarize what Triodos stands for. The local ‘Occupy’ movement is right around the corner occupying the grass of the Cathedral. Next to the tents people were building huts. These Triodos statements are probably close to their heart. But how to connect? Just go there and support them? But how about the business? And isn’t it forbidden to camp where they have put their tents?

In the Netherlands Triodos initiated the ‘Sustainable Finance Lab’ ( where scientists with different backgrounds generate ideas for the future of banking. They have generated a lot of attention. All Dutch Banks wanted to be there. Upcoming Thursday the last discussion meeting will be held. Herman Wijffels will summarize and give advice.

For transformation to happen we need crisis, another consciousness and places where all sectors come together according to Otto Scharmer last week during our seminar in de Duif. We have now several places where our financial future is discussed but how to bring these together? And how to raise consciousness of ourselves?

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