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Every 2 weeks I’m analyzing over skype dreams with a nature guide in the US. He organizes solo retreats in the wildest nature available in the States and beyond. People experience themselves in a new way and come to amazing insights. A colleague told me when he did such a solo retreat (fasting alone in nature for 3 days) all the structures he designed around himself in daily life disappeared. He came in contact with what was really him. Without the distractions and the reactivity you encounter in daily life.

Joseph Jaworski shares his experiences with retreats in nature in Sychronicity. I’m doubting if I am going to do a yearlong nature program myself.

To experience nature in the Netherlands becomes harder and harder. From a client I got this article in which scientists share their concerns about new Dutch laws that can’t be explained to anyone. Last year during a retreat in Dutch nature I was shocked that during the night the most beautiful national park turned into a yellow, noisy place because of the highways everywhere around it. Now nature is even more threatened. We create systems together that nobody wants. Absencing is everywhere. How are we going to turn this around?

The picture is from the view out of the window of our UNOO office. Let’s protect these views.

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