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We had some great days with Dirk Oellibrandt, Otto Scharmer and 27 health practitioners. Dirk showed us living blood before and after treatment: from cluttered red cels to free floating cells. And he lets us discover our bodies in new ways: accupressure points for the liver, kidneys, heart and more. It was beautiful to see how the group gelled together instantly laying on the floor.

Erik (Mandersloot, my UNOO colleague) led the afternoon. We dove into the new health paradigm in small groups and this culminated after several table talks and role plays in the painting above. It has been a long time ago that I painted and it was fun.
The other day Otto talked first about the economic, social and spiritual divide. Then we went into absencing and presencing. We had a great dialogue in which we together further developed our ideas around absencing and what happens there. This was a great start for the Social Presencing Theatre (a form of constellation work). Without words we sculpted the current system and how we felt it would transform. This was the highlight of the meeting for me. What I had felt over the past year became clear to me in an instant. Change starts from the periphery, not from the center. So the key question here is how to mobilize and give the periphery a voice? That was our next step: building prototypes. I felt the energy flowing and it was great that our participants brought new people with them. All in all we are now with approximately 80. Our goal for next year is to have 150 active participants. Then we get the leverage that we need to transform the system.

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