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We’re excited about our conference ‘Crossing the Tipping Point’ next week. Work and private life start to come together. Family and friends will attend the meeting and many clients. It already feels like a party. But a party with content (and some music).

The flightplan is there, Otto Scharmer and Bevis Watts (director business banking UK Triodos) briefed, last materials ordered and the caterer paid. Today I had a brainstorm to discuss the last preparation activities with Paul and Alice. The inspiration of the past week in Boston and Cape Cod is still with me. See for more information our facebook page:

Agenda in brief:
– Otto Scharmer explains the difference between Presencing and Absencing (what is happening with the Occupied Movement and the way we talk about Greece?)
– Paul Kloosterboer dives into the journey from the head to the heart while letting go (what tresholds do we encounter in sustainable transformation?)
– Bevis Watts shows us how banking with a heart looks like (the banks should pump money around instead of keeping it for themselves)
– Shailish lets us experience crossing tipping points (how does he do that?)
– and we all share our personal stories crossing tipping points on our way forward (and how can we cultivate the change within ourselves?)

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