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Otto Scharmer, 20 tables with 8 participants in the beautiful church De Duif in the center of Amsterdam were the backdrop of a wonderful meeting. It was amazing to organize such a beautiful event. With my colleagues Alice and Paul, we did great work. It was awesome to see so many familiar faces, close friends and even my wife and father.

We started to see who was in the room: artists, business, (local) government, consultants, educators, free minds and so on. Paul Kloosterboer sketched the philosophy of the day and Otto dived into absencing and presencing. During the health innovation lab the day before we dialogued specifically on the ‘absencing system’: together we create a system that nobody wants: economicaly, socially and spiritually. But still we do it. It felt as if this dialogue helped Otto to make his point even more clear.

Paul took us from the head to the heart: real change is only possible when people dare to face their deepest feelings (including fears!). Together with Bevis Watts (head of bussiness banking Triodos UK) I talked about the new form of sustainability and Triodos Bank. Bevis shared his personal crossing points of the past year while I was coaching him. Pretty special. His openness was deeply appreciated.

After an organic lunch, Shailesh Bahoran took the stage: hip hop dancing on classical music. His presence and focus were almost scary for the ladies (as they shared with me). But all deeply appreciated it. Otto did a form of Presencing Theatre that raised a lot of emotions: resistance, happiness, connectivity and all there is. We ended with journaling and stepping towards our personal tipping point. We’ve had a day to remember and I feel grateful to be in the position to organize such events.

Lars rengerson made the pictures: A movie will follow shortly. The report in Dutch, can you download here: report crossing the tipping point 11/11/11

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