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Some books have a huge impact upon you. ‘Synchronicity’ by Joseph Jaworski brought me the journey of Theory U. ‘The Great Disruption’ might be the next book that will guide me. I like his statement: ‘Given the challenges ahead, the choice to be optimistic is perhaps the most important and most political an individual can make.’ But the book doesn’t breath a lot of optimism: climate crisis, economic breakdown and it’s all scientifically proven. Our denial is the biggest problem he states. Things have changed already irreversably so we better prepare for what is coming.

The book helps me to connect some of the puzzle pieces I’ve come across the past years. To mention a few:
– How come that I don’t see much of the climate change around me?
– How come that so many people feel alone in the ‘developed’ countries?
– What is the role of communities? How come we have so little at the moment and so many ‘sytems’ that take care of us?
– Why is it needed to make more and more profit every year? To what will this growth lead?
– Why am I not a better ‘sustainable’ citizen?
– Why is a bank proud to make so much profit with my money that I want them to store it for me? (And why do they think they can give themselves these salaries and bonusses?)
– What does the paradigm shift we’re looking for look like?
– …

His answers are not all mine but it stimulates my thinking a lot. It brings together our ideas developed in the Visionary Leadership Program that we have led and developed the past 2 years.

To be continued…

Friedman wrote an article about the book in the New York Times: Friedman over Gilding copy.pdf

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