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We’re busy designing the third module of the Masterclass Theory U. The meeting will be held at Cape Cod Massachusetts. It is about Presencing. Jim Marsden will guide the solo part, Arthur Zajonc will practice with us Contemplative Inquiry.
The masterclass started a year ago in Boston. The upcoming workshop is the third. We’re with 10 coaches who support the 80 participants from 26 countries and all continents to go deeper into the U. Together with Jim, I took the initiative to co-design the meeting with Otto, Beth, Katrin and Arawana. That is a lot of fun and it brings us a deeper understanding of the essence of the U. I like our UNOO idea of ‘seeing, becoming, doing’ (watch the video at the UNOO home page: more and more. If you are ready to become another person because of what you start to see, your actions will be different.
It all has to do with the bigger Self or your highest potential. I even doubt if the prototyping part is so important then. But that bigger Self is still vulnerable and it’s easier to go back again to the small self and act from there. And then nothing will change, except your level of frustration.
The beautiful drawing is by Kelvy Bird. She took notes in this way during the second workshop.

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