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I watched today the Oscar Winning documentary ‘Inside Job,’ as preparation for our work in the financial sector. Pretty amazing. What struck me most is the denial of so many people of what they had done.

A system that is so flawed and keeps continuing. In the Administration of Obama are appointed the people who are accountable for the crisis. How come that we create systems together where the individual thinks he is not accountable anymore? And even gets away with everything he has done. As stated in the Oscar winning acceptance speech: none of these people are in jail nowadays. So a documentary can win an Oscar, is being viewed by many and there are no consequences. We just live on. That is a puzzle with some missing pieces.

The movie gives a great overview about what went wrong the past 20 years. It’s totally clear that this couldn’t continue. But how about the crisis in Europe that we‘re facing? Who is going to explain us what is essentially happening these days? Do we have to wait a few years for the next movie?

Watch here the very shortened version of the movie

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