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ABN AMRO asked us to send in a proposal for the development of their top 100. We dove into it and came up with new wording for the phases of the U: seeing, becoming, doing.

Seeing the new is the first phase that most of us are familiar with, the four phases of listening (downloading, debating, empathizing and generative listening). Opening up to start to see the new is key here. Instead of ‘presencing’ we used the word ‘becoming.’ It’s less spiritual but it might be even deeper than presencing. Sensing the present is important here. But it’s more than that. The idea is that you become somebody different because of what you’re seeing. You can’t go back anymore to that old person. Or what we call the small self. You become your bigger Self and act from that person.

Wim Beijderwellen was able to make a short introductory video. We’re making a televisionseries for the Brazilian tv about leadership. The past months many gurus were interviewed and he took out some footage and added some video from projects that we’re running at the moment.

If you can’t play the video, try: You will find more videos here.

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