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Yes, you’re right: this is not me. But last week I started a crash course kite surfing and I am still enthusiastic.

I am still at the ‘body-dragging’ level, meaning: fly a 9 square meter kite above your head and let it pull you through the water. With the wind we’re having here, this means that you will be even pulled out of the water. Your nostrils are thouroughly cleaned. For hours after the experience I was leaking salt water. Next session will be frustrating everybody is telling me: the board will be introduced.
How often can you learn something that is totally new to you? What intrigues me is the balance that you need to find in this sport. With boating, you always have the platform you can stand on. Now your quest is to find the balance between all the opposite forces at play: the wind, your own weight, the water and since I am practicing at sea: the waves.
I’ll let you know by the end of the month if I can copy the guy in the picture.

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