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In this short video Ray Anderson describes his personal journey towards being a different person. The last month we were discussing the U with several colleagues and we came up with new wording for the three phases: ‘seeing, becoming, doing’

‘Becoming’ instead of ‘Presencing.’ The idea behind the U is that you become another person by connecting differently to your surroundings, stakeholders and yourself. If you start to connect at the generative level, this becomes your source of energy to act differently.
I had a dialogue with a client last week that the prototyping part wasn’t developed enough according to him. At the same time he realized that a lot had changed for the better the past years. I guess it has to do with becoming thay other person and becoming another organization. Prototyping is hardly needed then, as Nike states in the commercial: ‘Just do it’

Mr. Anderson died at the age of 77

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