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We interviewed the leadership gurus about the heart in their work. Wim edited it in a five minute video that summarizes their and our thinking. It is expressed in the title of our last proposal for an international organization: Seeing, Becoming, Doing.

Otto says: ‘The leader’s job today is transforming awareness’ and ‘there is a deep need and longing to connect our work to what people really care about.’ Peter stresses that ‘there is a chinese proverb that states: to be a leader you first have to become a human being.’ Ganz (advisor Obama), talking extremely fast: ‘how to use narrative to translate values into the motivation for action’ and ‘our mission was: training in public narrative. Story of self, story of us and story of now. A story that links my calling to our calling to the urgency of action now.’

I like our small invention, instead of ‘seeing, being, doing’ to change ‘being’ for ‘becoming.’ That for me is the essence ot the U. When you can become somebody different you start to act differently. Personal development is always at the core of change. And to change you must start to see differently and through that to connect in a new way to yourself and your surroundings. Enjoy the video. There is more of it at

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