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At the presencing level of the U their is Unity. Unity with each other and probably with the Universe. Deep down in us their is unity. To see this unity with eyes at the higher levels of the U is pretty difficult.

It’s much easier to see the diversity. To see the diversity and to judge it, is our modus operandi. To postpone all those judgments is an effort that we find difficult to make. Especially if different cultures are involved and you already have some challenging experiences with each other.
The only way out is to start to connect. To be curious and to share your views or even better your judgments. Postponing is great but most of the time you don’t realize that you’re judging negatively. To increase your understanding, you better share your opinions and start listening in. Some heated debate can help as long as you are able to sense yourself and are able to hold back and start to empathize.

The past days I’ve seen totally different cultures in a workshop with all the judgments that come with it. But everybody shares at a deeper level the same intentions. That is pretty remarkable. All the dialogues I’m having bring something new. I’ve never seen this before in an organization. The only problem is that people still feel a bit shy to show themselves.

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