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We were given the opportunity to develop and give a 2 year Visionary Leadership Program for 10 executives of a bank. Yesterday we concluded with the ‘official’ last workshop in Belgium. It has been a transformational journey for all of us.

The past days the transformation of the organization was the key topic we’ve been discussing: our vision towards 2025. Trust in the (U-) process helped us to find what we were looking for. Magical moments of being aligned alternated with hours of hard work on will power. The dedication was remarkable. My key learning was: accept what is happening, it’s the foundation of the next step. In the end we will get there.

And we got there in great shape. Yesterday morning we had a remarkable generative dialogue about ourselves the group and the future of the organization with the CEO and the HR director. The insight in the process we had went through was remarkable and the transformation of the individual participants was something that touched me deeply. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to do this work.
When we found the directions for the organization for the upcoming years, one of them was that they thought it would be a good idea to sell my new car… That transformation needs some more time to inquire into.

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