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We have a real UNOO video! Wim Beijderwellen was in a flow and the Universe has supported him, he confessed to me this morning. We’re not all in it yet but this is the first iteration of our 0.8 prototype.

The past year Wim helped us to capture the work we are doing and became a valuable player in our team: the work with Triodos all over the world, with the ROC Twente, with the leaders of Microsoft, with the Province of Noord Brabant, the Health Innovation Lab with Otto Scharmer and Arthur Zajonc, the NANO technology dialogue and many more. We use in most of our projects video these days. It’s a great way of capturing what is happening, to give instant feedback, to involve ‘the other people at the office’, to spread the words of the interesting people we meet and to be creative together. Upcoming month we will start editing a video from all the footage we gathered about Theory U. Nothing theoretical, just the flow of the process as we’ve experienced it with one of our clients the past 2 years.

At the moment I am in Spain with Tom to facilitate a meeting with 110 bankers. We’re in a beautiful Parador near Segovia. It’s a pity Wim isn’t here. We’re creating some nice footage for our next video… (if you can’t open the video here or you want to watch more of our video footage, go to the UNOO site:

PS: I lost some weight along the way

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