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America’s Cup Sailing starts to look like Formula 1 racing. At least that is what we are led to believe with these great videos. Sponsorship, action, technically advanced and sailing idols.

I almost start to believe that I chose the wrong career. Should I have continued sailing? I sailed for a year when I was 18 and after that year I longed to do something with my head. The action of regatta sailing is great, you get immediate feedback and with every decision you make, it’s clear if it was in line with the universe or not. At least if your highest goal is to win the race. You can’t sail a boat faster on will power, you just have to make best use of the circumstances that are being thrown at you. Alignment with the elements, your boat and your crew is crucial if you want to succeed.

So it’s a great learning opportunity to become more present and to realize ‘presence.’ But it is just sailing. I like my work better. To realize a state of presence with a group, to have a generative dialogue like last week about the 2025 strategy and to disentangle a proces that looks not possible to unravel, motivates me more these days. I’m pretty lucky to live in the circumstances that I can do both.

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