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Lot of media attention after the announcement of the killing of Bin Laden at Ground Zero in New York. MTV (picture), ABC, Fox, they were al there. But hardly any other people than the anchor(wo-)man. From The Netherlands we heard that there was a huge celebration. We couldn’t find it and we were surpirised what a mess Grond Zero still is after 10 years. The Empire State Building was build in less than 2 years, hundred years ago. How come that there is so little progress here?

Some of our highlights for your potential visit:
– play basketball in Central Park, just ask to join them. They will love it but don’t expect to win (12-15 was our score, not too bad)
– run the reservoir in Central Park clockwise if you want to bump into thousands of New Yorkers. If you want to be overtaken or have confidence in your running abilities, do it counterclockwise
– if you forgot to go to the loo before you went running, don’t expect you can do it in the bushes. They keep the park in a way that you will be always visible. Next to the kitsch castle there is a public restroom that you only have to share with the homeless who are washing themselves
– have breakfast at Zabar’s. Woody Allen must have found his inspiration here. How come that everybody dresses so badly? Bagel sustainable salmon not to be missed.
– buy your picknick for Central Park in the Warner Bros Mall at the Whole Food Market. Must be the best supermarket in the world
– hotdog or pastrami at Katz’s ( You can fake your orgasm here like Meg Ryan (movie: When Harry met Sally). Four former presidents were sitting at the same table, picture bottom left
– more food at the Chelsea Market ( The place to be for everything healthy and organic
– do the Yankees and get email with the highlights of the game
– of course a Broadway show and Times Square at night, dine before at you will be treated on songs by the waiters
– the planetarium at The Museum of Natural History, Whoopi Goldberg talks you through the coming into being of the universe
– MoMA in the afternoon, Tuesday closed
– SOHO for shopping (Rem Koolhaas designed the PRADA shop, picture bottom right), little Italy for lunch
– skip the Highline, would be gardener New Yorkers building a garden at 30 feet in the air on a former railroad track above the most expensive shops in the Meatpacking district
– Orchard Street on Sunday for cheap shopping
– we missed the Gospel Choir in Harlem (Abyssinian Baptist Church)
– we stayed at the Hotel: On the Ave, upper west side. Was okay but not special

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