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Went to the Yankees today! It’s great to sit over 5 hours in a stadion with thousands of Americans. The Yankees won and Jim was so clever to video the defining moment of the game: a homerun with 2 others on the plates. Pretty amazing, he only videod 7 minutes out of a 4 hour game and the homerun and especially the audience that went crazy is in it. Will post it later.

Watching baseball is a completely different sport experience than usual. Just a little adrenaline, people getting drinks and food while the players change from field to batting (hitting?), the only show is the groundsmen who do the YMCA dance in one of the breaks and you have to be there for the defining moment. It’s over before you notice: one hit by one guy and the audience goes berserk. We were most impressed how far and fast these guys can throw a ball: 92mph (app 150 km/hour). See this link for the commentary: nydailynews For the video highlights, watch this.

Tonight dinner with another Theory U adept living opposite of Central Park. Tomorrow some more shopping or we are going to sail with an old friend of mine. We used to borrow his boat and won twice with it the American Championships. Still have pictures with the twin towers in the background.

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