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I was just long enough in the Netherlands to celebrate May 5 and connect with the whole family, buy a present for Mother’s Day, visit a client, do an interview and to look for another car. Now I am back in Boston, but little sightseeing this time.

The upcoming week will be intense: the masterclass starts at 7.45 and ends around 18.00. This week we will focus on sensing journeys and prototyping. The Presencing workshop will be in the fall at a more suitable location. Although nature in Boston is celebrating spring as you can see.

Monday we will have a gathering with the faculty and the coaches to reconnect and to prepare the program from Tuesday until Friday. I’m looking forward to see everybody again! Prototyping intrigues me. Quite a few clients doubt the value of it and I’m curious what IDEO’s latest insights are. I would like to dive deeper in the question ‘Where starts movement?’ In the head? No, it’s proven scientifically that our reactions are way faster than our awareness. Watch for example this video from the baseball game of the Yankees we attended last week.

In the movie ‘The legend of Bagger Vance’ the coach states that ‘The hand is wiser than the head ever will be.’ Boone Logan, the pitcher in the video, is proving this. His hand has catched the ball and he didn’t know it himself. Only by looking into his glove he found the ball and he could throw the player out. His hand reaction was much faster than his awareness. So where does movement start? And what is involved?

I hope to get some clarity around these questions the upcoming days. Besides that it will be fun to be with 70 Theory U professionals from 26 countries.

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