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We (UNOO) organized for our Health 3.0 initiative already the 3rd meeting. Arthur Zajonc was our special guest (see for the video We started with the paradigm shifts in the world the past 5000 years and ended with what we want to do together.
These were some amazing hours. Paradigmshifts like Christianity, Buddhism, scientific revolution and the sixties were not planned and didn’t have a central control mechanism. They were led by the periphery. Key characteristics of these shifts were people who were really awake, found partners and has stamina to realize their grand will. They did know how to cultivate their dream in times of adversity. He led a ‘contemplative inquiry’ to deepen our understanding what our group can become. "Presencing is nice, but co-presencing is needed to come to co-action," was his message. And he was able to support us to get there in just a few hours.
We were together with health innovators from all over the country and discussed prototypes and our Vision 3.0 for Health during the afternoon. The next 2 day meeting will be November 9 and 10 with Otto Scharmer. In between we will visit prototypes and there is still room for more innovators in Health care. Just give my assistant Jouk a call (+31 (0)6 112 53 442)!

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