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We’ve had special days with 60 participants in the program Touching the Community Soul. Erik has organized it now for the third year in cooperation with Nyenrode Business University. 19 organizations participate: from the Police to Microsoft to High Schools to Government.

I was asked to deepen peoples  understanding and experience in Theory U. We did listening practices, shared our fears with the talking stick, guided journaling and social presencing theatre. The new form of case clinics/peer group coaching. It went wonderfully well. Jan Korti -he calls himself a master in freeing voices- helped us singing the U and more. Marja de Vries taught us the 7 laws of the Universe.

I had a cold so my voice became deeper and deeper. In the end it sounded very impressive. In the closing round people told me they were jealous… Today I’m just coughing.

Here you can download the other way of doing peer group coaching developed by Arawana Hayashi: social presencing theatre. You will be amazed by the depth of the experience.

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