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‘Inquiry leads to the discovery of truth, which unfolds as an ever deepening understanding of the forms of our experience,’ and: ‘An important element of inquiry is understanding how one’s history, ego structure, beliefs, and worldview determine and pattern one’s experience,’ also sprach Almaas in ‘The inner journey home’ (page 321)


Not exactly an easy read as you may already have noticed out of these 2 quotes. But the process is special. The ‘only’ thing you do is noticing your feelings and emotions right now. Because that is the ‘only truth there is.’ When you are mindfull of what is emotionally happening at this moment, your feelings start to transform. To transform into other feelings. You start to discriminate between feelings that are triggered by external circumstances (reactive feelings) and feelings that have a different quality. Feelings that rise out of presence, maybe are even presence.


In between the reactive feelings and the qualities of presence you will find your ego structure, beliefs worldviews and what more there is. Through inquiry I am able to identify less (at least a bit less) with all the reactive feelings and emotions. I am able to attend to the situation in a different way. Within Theory U we tend to step a bit too easily over the Voice of Judgment, Cynicism and Fear. A process of inquiry with a great coach or dialogue partner will help you to attend ‘sustainably’ different to a situation.


I took a several months break from my own inquiry practice and just started it again. It is a wonder what is happening to you when you dare to focus on your feelings without judgment, cynicism or fear.

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