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Gradient Media did a terrific job designing & developing the new UNOO website. Finally we can come out of the tent (or bivvy bag) where we’ve been hiding for so long!

It was nice to work with our designer (Alonzo and friends) simultaneously from different locations. They were building the site while we were adding the content. We decided to have the design as clean and straightforward as possible, the content with all kind of media must bring the difference. We want the site to come to life through the activities we’re undertaking together. Over the past year Wim has made many, many videos about the programs we’ve been organizing and facilitating. We are going to post them at the site in the next couple of weeks. We’ve made our first Twitter steps, so that’s integrated. The pictures are from projects that we’ve done the past year.

The website is not yet interactive (except for the roadmap to our office in Duinlust) but that’s why we have the facebook page (right hand corner underneath) where you can join us to share your ideas, give comments and become a friend! Please tell us what you think.

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