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We have had a few very intense days in Spain. We went from intense feedback sessions in threes to group dialogues about ways of working around diversity and inclusion, listened to inspirational guestspreakers, visited Toledo by night and discussed our vision what is happening in the world. ‘Why do you come out of bed everyday?’ was one of the key questions that was not too easy to answer in depth.


We stayed at the Parador Nacional and as you can see the view from our terrace was beautiful. Everyday the city looked completely different. Sometimes hidden in clouds, an hour later floating and then again in full sunshine.


The message of Joan Mele was impressive. He was a banker ready for retirement. Then he found a way to combine his spiritual path with his professional life. He started the commercial branch of Triodos Bank in Barcelona. By now he is head of their commercial branches in Spain. ‘Our heart is a consciousness organ,’ he told us. The blood travels around the body, collects all the information from organs, toes and fingers and transmits that to the first chamber of the heart. The blood is filled with oxygin by the longs and transfers it’s healing capacities everywhere in your body. Money is no different. It’s the blood of our society. As it’s cropped up it looses it’s capacity to heal and to make the world a better place. Nice analogy. He attracts thousands of people in Spain with his speeches about ethical banking.


So, a bank as the heart of society. If it starts to accumulate money instead of distributing it, the body will die. Is that what we’ve seen?

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