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“Unless we succeed in shutting down our Voice of Judgment (VOJ), we will be unable to make progress in accessing our real creativity and presence.” Page 42, Theory U, by Otto Scharmer.


I thought I was past this treshold by now but fell in the trap once again last week. I needed two days at our office Duinlust preparing for a program next week in Spain with my colleague Walter to realize that I hadn’t seen a wonderful and very challenging project. I didn’t see it because I was so much occupied with myself -what I should and shouldn’t do- and pretty judgmental about my dialogue partners. That wasn’t helpful to anybody. It resulted in little presence and little creativity. Luckily it’s not too late and I’ll do my utmost to get things right next week.


Working at our office in the dunes of Overveen is wonderful. We worked for 2 straight days, meditated,  did inquiry, took walks in the dunes and forest, saw deer and came up with several inspirational programs for the upcoming year.


We usually start our working day with inquiry. Just share what is going on right now. Not the nice stories about the past weeks and days but what is happening at this moment. This is challenging and brings a lot of connection. Afterwards it’s easier to design a program and do all the other work that needs to be done effectively. It shuts down your VOJ and brings creativity into the room. At the same time it’s challenging to be so open to each other.

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