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This afternoon I moderated again a peer group coaching session with my colleagues of the Presencing In Action Lab (Theory U advanced class, called PIAL). It felt like a soft breeze where we touched upon our blind spot(s).


It’s special to do this over skype with people thousands of miles away and reach so much depth with each other. We’re a pretty diverse group: a farmer, two consultants, a dancer, the chief ethical/moral director of a business (who has been sacked), an artist (disguised by working as a director of a NGO) and a director of another NGO. From the outside we have little in common. As soon as we do our 30 minutes check in we’re again at the same level as the last time and there seems to be an invisible bond. And we hardly know each other. Only met once during the first PIAL session in October and had a call in December.


After the 30 minutes check in, one of us presents his/her case. We stick closely to the process steps of the case clinic practice (especially one till four, see the attachment), work very disciplined (no interrupting of each other), listen intensely and there seem to be no egos at all. To be silent together (step 2) and see /feel what is coming up, is especially powerful. After the sharing of our thoughts/feeling/images (step 3). The case giver told us to be sitting with tears in his eyes because he felt so much heard. Special, remarkable and energizing.


So we ended up with a conference call of over 90 minutes and everybody felt energized. In between the monthly sessions we share reflections, feelings and insights at a specially designed NING website.

Try it yourself!


Proces of the peer group coaching practice: CaseClinic.doc

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