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The countdown of the New Year in Singapore was the start of our flight back to Holland. We hoped to see the firework from the air but then you realize how fast a plane takes off. Within an instant you’re many many miles high where never any firework explodes. We haven’t been in the traffic jam after this spectacle. Our cab driver wasn’t looking forward to it. 

Happy New Year to all!

Otto just wrote in his new year wish: “The past five years has made us aware that presencing work is part of a much larger opening process that currently is going on in the world on many different levels and at different scales.  In many places, it is also an important counter to increasing manifestations of absencing in the world.”

Especially the absencing part I become more and more aware of myself (as I wrote in my comment on the book ‘Silvio, modern leadership’ 2 blogs ago). The last years I’ve been very much involved in the positive ‘presencing work’ and bringing great initiatives further. That is very inspiring. At the same time I’ve got the feeling that I should understand deeply the ‘absencing part’ to bring presencing further. Something to reflect upon the upcoming days that are not too hectic yet.

Our Holidays were a great start of the new year. We (parents) begin to learn from our kids to do nothing. This means: reading, swimming, surfing and sleeping. It’s great to see and feel how they appreciate this. It brings another way of being with each other.

If you want to watch the fireworks:

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