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Busy doing stakeholderinterviews for our Healthcare Initiative. We started December 2 and 3 with 26 health care professionals and Otto Scharmer. Together with my UNOO colleagues and Jan van der Greef from TNO we designed a two year program to come to real innovation in the health care sector.


We’re now presenting our initiative to key stakeholders and discussing with them the challenges, possibilities and opportunities.


The board of an insurance company tells us that prevention is the way to go. Next to that they are especially interested to bring the power together and build a new Club of Rome in the healthcare sector.  Problem is the vested interest of all the parties involved. Focus is key in these initiatives.


Director of a private business in healthcare told us that there is an ‘undercurrent’ of people who are dissatisfied with the healthcare system and that we should stimulate the public to step up. People shouldn’t feel, made and be dependent upon the professionals. There it too little connection between the patient and the professional. How can we improve the patient-physician relationship? How can we support people to take responsibility for their health?


Today I had a talk with a political healthcare specialist. We had a great conversation. The system is completely stuck. All the innovative initiatives are stuck as well. The only chance is to work with the healthcare professionals themselves. To prove with them that something different is possible. That is exactly the way we want to go. A new financial system should stimulate healthcare professionals in a different way: e.g. the ‘gain in health’ they’ve achieved with their patients. Won’t be easy to operationalize though. In ancient China doctors were only paid when you were healthy. They hadn’t done a good job when you were sick so you didn’t have to pay them. That’s an altenative system!

Prevention and quality of life were other aspects we talked about. I don’t like the word ‘prevention’ it’s defensive. We need to find something that is empowering and inspiring to realize.

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