I am working with people and organizations who are keen to perform. They may already realise that being becomes before doing.

I am an executive coach and strategy consultant, psychologist, World Champion in sailing and author. The past 15 years I’ve specialised myself in the application of Theory U in strategy assignments, team and executive coaching. I love to write about my experiences and to learn who I truly am while sailing.

I dedicate my working life to realise a regenerative, benefit economy for you, my children and myself. More information you’ll find on our website NOW.Partners, warmly


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Leading through our fathers

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The five of us meet in our beautiful office in Westbroek. We're designing with TIAS Businessschool the program for the Board Members of the 15 Dutch Courts. The environment and…
April 6, 2021 in Miscellaneous

Perspective in Corona Darkness

Riding through the full color bulb fields, it's clear that spring has arrived. Today the Keukenhof announced that they will welcome this year 30.000 visitors. That's 30.000 more than last…
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March 27, 2021 in Miscellaneous

Red Cross Volunteer!

Usually I find my inspiration far away from home: vision quests in the desert without food for 4 days, supporting Sarvodaya in Sri Lanka getting villages out of poverty, driving…
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February 3, 2021 in Miscellaneous

The Heart of Leadership: Seeing, Becoming, Doing

My colleagues Wim Beijderwellen (picture) and Walter Link made this video several years ago about the Heart of Leadership. Interviews with the gurus in the realm of leadership and change…
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December 17, 2020 in Innovation, Sustainability

A New Habit

Doing things halfway is not my thing. But last year I surprised myself. In February, right after my birthday, I bought my self a race bike. I didn't cycle for…
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