I am working with people and organizations who are keen to perform. They may already realise that being becomes before doing.

I am an executive coach and strategy consultant, psychologist, former World Champion in sailing and author (an astrologist was surprised on how many levels I want to prove myself. My ‘first house’ seems to be pretty full). The past 14 years I’ve specialized myself in the application of Theory U in Strategy assignments and Executive Coaching. I love to write about my experiences and to learn who I truly am while sailing.

This site started many years ago as a blog to share my undertakings and to get experience in formulating my ideas. By now it evolved into a real website, enjoy the read! Love to hear your comments,


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Book Passion for Performance in national Newspaper De Telegraaf

| Coaching, Innovation, Passion for Performance, Sailing, Theory U | No Comments
Epco Ongering wrote a great article in the Saturday weekend edition of national newspaper De Telegraaf about my book Passie voor Presteren. It almost reads like a summary. So for…
June 9, 2018 in Miscellaneous

Synthesising technology, nature and humanity

Last week we (the Global Leaders Academy) had our CEO-Circle retreat in Devon at Schumacher College. It turned out to be an amazing event. Mac Macartney gave a wonderful speech: 'The indigenous Indians…
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May 19, 2018 in Coaching, Innovation, Sailing, Theory U

It’s all about patterns

Some quotes from the past month. I didn't find much time to write myself: From Schumacher college in Devon where I followed a course given by Fritjof Capra my old time…
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April 15, 2018 in Coaching, Innovation, Sustainability

Tech and Trust

I was pretty pissed last weekend. The spreader of the  mast of my sailing boat broke. I had sailed twice with the new mast (and spreader). Only because we tacked…
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March 21, 2018 in Innovation, Sustainability

The Future of Humanity

'Soon we will have a useless class of human beings because of Artificial Intelligence. The collapse of liberal democracy is nearing. Algorithms will soon know us better than we know…
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