I am working with people and organizations who are keen to realize their full potential.

I am an executive coach and strategy consultant, psychologist, former World Champion in sailing and author (an astrologist was surprised on how many levels I want to prove myself. My ‘first house’ seems to be pretty full). The past 10 years I’ve specialized myself in the application of Theory U in Strategy assignments and Executive Coaching. I love to write about my experiences and to learn who I truly am while sailing.

This site started many years ago as a blog to share my undertakings and to get experience in formulating my ideas. By now it evolved into a real website, enjoy the read! Love to hear your comments,


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Boeklancering 31 januari in Nationaal Topzeilcentrum Scheveningen

| Coaching, Sailing, Sustainability, Theory U | No Comments
Op 31 januari organiseren het Nationaal Topzeilcentrum en uitgeverij Hollandia de boeklancering van Passie voor Presteren - Wat leiders kunnen leren van topzeilers. Het belooft een interactieve middag te worden waarin de…
December 13, 2017 in Coaching, Sailing, Spirituality, Theory U

Passie voor Presteren nu ook in de winkel te koop

Na anderhalf jaar heb ik vandaag de eerste dozen met boeken ontvangen. Het ziet er nog mooier uit dan ik gehoopt had. De uitgever heeft papier gebruikt waarop de foto's…
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November 27, 2017 in Miscellaneous

A decade coming to an end

The best part was driving through the polders with the kids raising their thumb to us. To you especially. They enjoyed your sheer beauty. I washed you weekly, the first eight years by…
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November 5, 2017 in Miscellaneous

TEDx: Passion for Performance

TEDx Harderwijk asked me to give a talk last Friday. Jorgen Nielsen is one of the organizers and he was keen to let me open the wonderfully organized event. Beforehand…
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October 16, 2017 in Coaching, Sustainability, Theory U

Facilitating Alliance for Precious Biospheres in Circl

Marie-Claire Greve made this portrait after an intense day in Circl -the new conference venue of ABN AMRO- facilitating the Alliance for Precious Biospheres. We were not allowed to look…
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